Designed with sophistication. Developed with experience.

Sheng Zeng and Wayne Sun met at NYU while both were pursuing post-graduate degrees. Zeng and Sun connected over their shared international investment experience —and a newfound love for New York City’s innovative architecture and culture. Together, they set out to start something new: a development group that creates residential real estate projects with artistic appeal. The aesthetic vision and hands-on approach of CRE8 Development Group are supported by a team of highly skilled professionals in finance, construction, design, and creative marketing.

As we enter our first decade in business, CRE8 aims to be an industry leader. Our growing reputation in New York is earned by delivering exceptional, modern design for buyers—and solid returns to investors.

The Team

Sheng Zeng

Sheng Zeng is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the CRE8 Development Group. He is responsible for overseeing the overall management of the firm and all aspects of the development process from acquisitions, to planning, financing, construction all the way to disposition. Mr. Zeng focuses on creating the highest quality as well as feasible projects for every client. In his prior experience, he co-founded and is the VP of T.Z Real Estate Development, a New York-based firm focusing on developing commercial, and luxury residential properties in the NY Tri-State area.

Wayne Sun

Wayne Sun is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of CRE8 Development Group. With a well-rounded background in residential real estate, Mr. Sun is responsible for the Company’s capital market activities including sourcing new development opportunities and the capitalization of CRE8 ’s various projects. Previously, Mr. Sun spent nine years in Cranbourne East Real Estate Development Company based in Melbourne Australia, where he acted as Vice President and oversees various aspects of the land development. Mr. Sun has rich experience in large suburban land development including acquisition, entitlement, and marketing.

Vivian Z.

Public Relations

Mike C.

Finance Consultant

Jason B.


Our Services

Capital Stack

CRE8’s investment platform is built on transparency and communication. We deeply value our relationships with investors, international finance leaders, and family offices. Along with our capital partners, we share a financial and reputation stake in this endeavor. Throughout development, our focus remains on our investors’ security, keeping them informed and engaged. Our goal is to deliver maximum yields for investors, structuring deals and raising funds that secure each project’s success—and our record in development shows we can do just that.

Design Philosophy

Innovative, inspired design is the driving force behind each of our projects. We are devotees of art, culture, and creativity—and bring the same aesthetic sensibility to all our real estate projects. For each, CRE8 assembles a team of expert architects, designers, and creative professionals to actualize buildings that capture attention. Each project uses cutting-edge technology to create an integrated, intuitive space. Along the way, we champion the cultural identity of a neighborhood and cherish the dialogue between the environment and place.


Throughout each stage of the process, our team is on the ground, strategizing to build properties that align with our overarching goals. We maximize land use, upping a property’s utility and aesthetic appeal while maintaining a commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. Each project is developed based on an intrinsic understanding of location viability—and keeping the motivations of our core buyers at the forefront. Our knowledge and expertise with the development process carry us from acquisition through exit—resulting in expert project planning and efficient completion.

Management Knowledge

CRE8 maintains oversight throughout the asset investment holdings period —we have boots on the ground property managers to keep prorepty well maintained and within budget. Our team mitigates risk and protects the integrity of each asset by maintaining an open dialogue among brokers, tenants, and partners. Throughout the holding preiod, we manage the process: keeping a steadfast eye on efficiency and expertise, while maintaining growing and quality asset.